This is the homepage of Aberrant: With Great Power…

Here players can find all relevant information about the game world.

This game uses the Storytelling System created by White Wolf Publishing. The Meta-Plot of the Trinity Universe will be used in part during the campaign.

To account for the current real year, the time line for Aberrant has been adjusted and relevant information adapts. Galatea took place in 2001 a week before the tragic events of 9/11.

The Fireman’s very public and most widely seen Eruption took place at Ground Zero while attempting to rescue citizens. Many of the iconic characters of the series are still well and alive. Divis Mal has not simply retreated to another universe at this point and while not active in the world’s public eye, he has been spotted by Novas working in Intelligence and rumored to be among Nova’s by the media.

Tensions between the United States and Project Utopia have risen with the war on Iraq and Afghanistan’s troubles. United States Military Loyal Novas have proven more than a match in skirmishes with Team Tomorrow.

Aberrant: With Great Power...